Get Unique And Convenient Facial Treatments

Get Unique And Convenient Facial Treatments

Scheduling appointments at a clinic or medical spa for cosmetic treatments can be difficult. Hours are limited, the place can be running behind schedule, and people need to leave time to redo makeup before returning to work. A better option is to find a business that will work around hectic schedules. Evenings, weekend hours, online booking, and walk-in appointments are designed to be convenient and quick.

Fast Not Rushed

An aesthetics bar located in Beverly Hills, called alchemist, has been open since 2016. Whether the needs and desires are unwanted hair removal, fuller lips, Botox injections, or any of the many treatments offered, the experience will be luxurious, on time, and accommodating. Clients can order any beverage favored, and get professional makeup touch ups before leaving the building. Get in, be pampered, and continue with the day with minimal interruption.

A Micro-Treatment Menu

Professionals craft treatments to enhance the unique features of every man and woman who walks through the door. A complimentary 3D consultation is conducted alchemist at the first visit to discuss desires, options, and have a chance to see the results before any procedures take place. The computer software used is state-of-the-art technology that makes a digital likeness of the whole head and neck region. Pricing is presented at that time as well.

The menu includes a wide variety of treatments for eyes, check enhancement, chin treatments, lip enhancements, and wrinkles. A comprehensive option is offered for full face results. Micro-penning is also available, along with other cutting edge treatments. LED treatments are provided to exfoliate the skin, give it a youthful glow, and increase blood circulation to the face and neck. New beauty masks are also offered to nourish the skin, promote collagen, and deep clean the pores.

What Does Micro-penning Entail?

Micro-penning is a minimally invasive procedure that is safe and effective for the most sensitive areas of the face, such as eyes and eyelids, lips, and mouth. The procedure is not new to medical practice, it has a new application in beauty and anti-aging. Thin needles are used to carry a radio frequency to selected spots. The results are tiny wounds in those areas.

The purpose is to stimulate self-healing, which includes natural collagen boosts to the skin. The collagen is what tightens and firms skin to drastically reduce the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also ideal for plumping up the lips. Check out the official website for details. Treat yourself well while feeling confident and beautiful at your convenience.